Financial Information

Student achievement is our highest priority at La Academia de Estrellas. This requires spending our state, federal and local funds wisely and saving a reasonable amount for unforeseen circumstances and for expansion. We pay our staff competitively because we want to attract and retain the most qualified and proven employees. Staff expenses typically make up 70-75% of our costs. The remaining expenses include rent, instructional and maintenance supplies, field trips (a key part of our program), and a myriad of other services and supplies.

Annual Financial Statements

School Financial Integrity Rating System of Texas

Each year, LAE has an independent audit conducted in the fall after the close of the fiscal year (August 31st). These are the reports that have been issued by our independent auditor:


This is the proposed annual budget for the 2021-2022 school year:

FY 2022 (ending 8/31/2022)

These are the original annual budgets approved by the Board:

IRS Form 990 Filings available on (free registration required)

eRate RFP (deadline extended to 3/23/2020 at 9 AM CT)

eRate RFP - FY 2020