Open Records Requests


  • La Academia de Estrellas (Charter) is subject to the requirements of the Texas Public Information Act (TPIA). The TPIA requires the Charter to treat all requests for information uniformly without regard to the position or occupation of the requestor, the person on whose behalf the request is made, or the status of the individual as a member of the media. Tex. Gov. Code § 552.223.

  • Requests for transcripts and student education records for students previously or currently enrolled should be directed to the registrar at (214) 946-8908, extension 1, or

  • Requests for employee service records should be directed to the Human Resources Department at (214) 946-8908, or

  • All other requests for information must be submitted in writing and should contain the following:

      1. Your name

      2. Address

      3. Phone number

      4. Fax number (if applicable)

      5. Description of the information and/or document(s) being requested

  • Requests for information may be submitted in one of three ways:

      1. U.S. Mail:

La Academia de Estrellas

Public Information Request

Attention: Superintendent's Office

4680 West Kiest Boulevard

Dallas, Texas 75236

      1. In person (by appointment only):

La Academia de Estrellas

4680 West Kiest Boulevard

Dallas, Texas 75236

      1. Email:

La Academia de Estrellas has designated the email address as the Charter's official email to receive any and all TPIA requests. As such, requests for information that are sent to any other Charter email address are not considered "received" and will not be processed unless the requestor sends the request to Please include "Public Information Request" or "Open Records Request" in the subject line of your email.